Гидрокостюм Blueseventy Fusion WMS

Гидрокостюм Blueseventy Fusion WMS

Артикул 1778

Москва, Точка в Крылатском

600 руб. за день

Залог 20000 руб.

Минимальный срок аренды — неделя

Цена - качество, женский гидрокостюм
на рост 152-165, вес 53-60 кг
Fusion разработан, чтобы обеспечить лучшее сочетание гибкости, прочности и комфорта по разумной цене для покупателей, которые не бросают деньги на ветер.
Ключевые качества blueseventy - Гидрокостюм Fusion
Неопрен Yamamoto
Тонкий ворот
Штанины Super Composite Skin (SCS)
Заниженный ворот
Штанины с одним швом
Панели honeycomb на предплечьях
Плавучесть 5-3
Мы можем предоставить гидрокостюм в почасовую аренду для тестирования на Большом Крылатском пруду. Для залога необходимы водительские права либо иные документы.
blueseventy Office Favourite
The Fusion has always been the office favorite and this revision keeps it there. Sure, the Helix gets athletes all starry eyed but it’s the Fusion that gives an amazing fit with great flexibility without the pricetag that shocks. The design guys improved the buoyancy in the legs to 5mm to promote downhill swimming which favors most swimmers at this pricepoint, ergo they work with the suit and not against it to become more efficient through the pull phase of the stroke. This suit now has a full SCS coating to help with speed, surface strength and, if we’re honest, we think it looks better as well. And last, the minimalist design elements make this suit look awesome. Enough said.
Built off the same approach to fit as their elite suits, the Fusion is designed to evenly lift the swimmer in the water. The predominant placement of buoyancy panels in the lower body enables less technical swimmers achieve a neutral position. But it’s the shoulder and underarm construction that sets this suit apart. For the price point it’s most flexible suit on the market and outshines the competition. in 2013 Triathlete magazine tested the Fusion against 7 other uits and found that it was faster than suits costing 3 times as much.
Perfect Buoyancy Ratio
The Fusion tiers buoyancy 3-4-4 with less overall buoyancy than the Reaction and Helix suits, but the ratio of buoyancy between the lower body and upper torso helps create an optimal body position.
The new Fusion has been improved with a 2mm thin panel surrounding the neck to provide more comfort when turning to breath and for an easier fit.
The new Fusion has been SCS coated to provide a protective barrier against fingernails, wetsuit strippers and other enemies of triathlon wetsuits.
Over twenty years of wetsuit design experience has made our traditional zipper an industry standard. Our curved closure flap reduces rear collar height improving comfort and reducing chafing.
Our tube construction in the lower leg uses a single seam to maximize the flexibility and promote a quick release from your suit in transition. Liquid taping on the internal seam reinforces and allows you to cut the leg to your desired height.
Our unique honeycomb forearm print allows extra feel for the water and additional propulsion.
The 4 way stretch fabric in our silicone cuffs seal the wrists from unwelcomed water entry, without catching when removing the suit.
The Fusion is constructed with a buoyant 5mm panel in the lower half of the suit while the upper body features a 3mm panel. This design lifts the lower half of the body in the water improving body position creating less drag, more speed and conserving energy.
Striking bright orange inner jersey highlights the Fusion’s highly flexible 4 way stretch in the thin 1.5mm
arms, oversized arm gussets and tube legs.
Fitting your wetsuit is of great importance and should be done with care and attention. Please refer to our Guide – How to put on a wetsuit – for further information or watch the brands video guide, if available, on the video tab above.